What Are Dedicated Proxies And Semi Dedicated Proxies?

Cheap Dedicated Proxies
Cheap Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated proxies are created for single user use. The proxies are assigned to an individual’s account and never change unless upon the users’ requests for a change. Dedicated proxies are also great for gamers.

For online gamers, having a dedicated proxy that you create an account for will helps load games faster and minimizes the risks associated with cyber attacks and having your identity stolen.

Most programmers, website owners, and some internet users opt to use dedicated proxies due to the many advantages associated with them. They have faster speeds, are more reliable and not sharing means you get all the bandwidth and storage space.

Below we share some of the many benefits users gain when they opt for a higher premium but good dedicated proxy tiers.

A dedicated proxy is private and only used by one single account holder. The proxy keeps your MAC or IP address hidden when adding security measures. With this type of proxy, your privacy remains intact.

When it comes to no anonymous surfing on the web, dedicated proxies are the best bet.

Your MAC/IP address remains hidden and in some cases encrypted to deter spammers and hackers from accessing your digital footprint. You become invisible when using dedicated proxies.

These proxies not only give you access to higher surfing speeds; they make it possible to bypass firewalls and filters. The proxy servers can gain access to blocked websites.

For people working in companies/institutions/countries that restrict numerous web-based applications such as social media sites, having a dedicated proxy ensures your access to these sites.

For online shoppers and if you pay your bills online, getting a dedicated proxy will help prevent your info from being exposed.

They encrypt all your transactions and information shared online making it hard for criminals to trace any purchase or action you do online. With dedicated proxies, users avoid and block spam even before it hits. Users are given private and non-shared internet addresses that ensure they’re secured whenever they go online.

What Are HTTP Proxies?

HTTP proxies are registered as high-performance content filters. The proxy investigates web traffic tracking down suspicious content that appears as malformed content, spyware, and any other sort of attack.

Http proxies are configured to safeguard your web server from attacks and to flag down suspicious packets through the protocol anomaly detection rules configured. Http proxies are set up to operate between sending web server and receiving web client.

The proxies process the HTTP protocol code-by-code to curb any harmful content before sending the same to the internal web client. Http proxies enforce the HTTP RFC compliance which guarantees that there are zero buffer overflow attacks.

What Are SEO Proxies?

SEO Proxies are proxies used for Search Engine Optimization operations. SEO experts use SEO proxies to analyze the competition and crawl the web among other things.

The proxies hide the user’s IP address a sure way of ensuring the website doesn’t get targeted for carrying out suspicious activity. Dedicated SEO proxies hide the sites from search engines thus saving them from getting blocked.

There are a ton of benefits linked to using SEO proxy servers; some of them include:

Speed and Space: These are dedicated proxies with equally dedicated servers that produce much faster feedback upon inquiry. A proxy saves on the amount of bandwidth consumed when carrying out keyword research.

Loading sites are faster since the proxies capture cache data when you load the website again. Using proxies makes every online process faster and untraceable.

Security: By using SEO proxies, users avoid getting banned because they will not be suspected of crawling the web nor preying on their competition.

Experienced and authority SEO experts swear by using proxies to hide their websites and also leech from the competition. Any SEO expert knows why proxies are a valuable tool.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

These are proxies that are open for use up to 3 people. An account is created and shared with two additional users. Semi-dedicated proxies were introduced to make it affordable for individuals to access private proxies. Getting three people doing different things to share a proxy is not only affordable but an excellent option. Some of the advantages attached to using semi-dedicated proxies include:


The proxies prove useful to users needing several proxies and use each for a couple of hours Proxies prove helpful for SEO tools that harvest data including page rank and keyword search and ranking. They support SOCKS and HTTP service. Proxies are compatible with both browsers and various applications supporting proxy use Proxies help overcome geographic restrictions both regional and country restrictions

Semi-Dedicated proxies are best for carrying out general browsing. Users are cautioned against using these proxies for creating and managing social media accounts.

Dedicated Proxies Disadvantages

The most significant disadvantage of using dedicated (private) proxies is the costs attached to them. Getting a private proxy will cost a pretty penny especially based on the geo-location and the access that comes with the proxy.

Only very wealthy clients can afford to attach a chain of proxy servers through separate countries and continents to keep their data secured.

Some users are argue that some proxy servers don’t provide full anonymity thus leaving them vulnerable to attacks or having their sites banned by Google.

The firms providing private proxies cannot also claim that they offer full confidentiality. If and when requested by the law, they will give access to your user data.


Dedicated proxies and servers play a critical role for professionals using the internet by keeping their digital footprint hidden. Proxies allow users to gain faster web surfing speeds and select the locations they want to browse from.

Private proxies are created for individual use thus reducing the number of browsers using them. They play a vital role in protecting users from getting hacked, spammed or having their data collected.

An added advantage of using dedicated proxies is, they are less vulnerable to getting disconnected. Users are cautioned from jumping to any company offering dedicated proxies because not all are genuine.

To be more successful online, SEO experts swear by private proxies. They use these proxies to spy on the competition, hide what they’re executing on their websites and in turn create campaigns that improve their ROI.

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